Tweed new haven Airport Service

OneWayLimo will get you to your destination on time and in style at an affordable rate. Traveling to-from the airport, we guarantee prompt service. Don't be fooled by the name OneWayLimo, we are a full service personal transportation provider, whether private care service, limousine, or party bus, OneWayLimo can offer up to a 30% discount on these services. If Tweed in New Haven is your destination, let OneWayLimo be your transportation provider.

 tweed new haven Airport hvN

 Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN), is a public airport three miles southeast of downtown New Haven, in New Haven County, Connecticut. The airport is partly located in the  City of New Haven, which owns the airport, and partly in the town of East Haven. Tweed is one of two airports with regularly scheduled commercial service in Connecticut, the other being Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks. Did you know that can get you to-from Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN), on time and at a low rate? can provide the transportation you need to-from Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN) at a cost you can afford. is dedicated to give our customers the lowest rate possible in ground transportation to the airport, in style and hassle free. So if you are taking a flight from Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN), contact today.


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tweed new haven airport Hotel Limo and Town Car Service

Tweed new haven hotels

 There are variety of hotels and motels conveniently located near Tweed New Haven Airport.  One Way Limo is your ground transportation to the airport. Luxury rides at a low rate from any airport in to any hotel. One Way Limo offers town cars, SUV’s, passenger vans and many more vehicle types. Affordable transportation to any place. One Way Limo, taking you to your destination in style.

the study at yale

 The Study at Yale

975 Anderson Hill Road, Rye Brook, NY 10573

The courtyard new haven at yale

 The Courtyard New Haven at Yale

101 Corporate Park Drive, White Plains, NY 10604

the omni hotel

The Omni Hotel

80 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains, NY 10604

The New haven hotel

 The New Haven Hotel

250 Main Street, White Plains, NY 10601

tweed airport Dining Limo and Town Car Service

tweed dining

While you are at the airport take some time to enjoy the great restaurants. One Way Limo can be your transportation to any restaurant. We offer luxury vehicles at a fraction of the price. Visit, and plan your vacation today. With a wide range of vehicles and the lowest rate for ground transportation, you will be able to enjoy your time in the city.

frank pepe pizzeria napoletana

157 Wooster St, New Haven, CT

(203) 865-5762

modern Apizza

874 State St, New Haven, CT

(203) 776-5306

cafe goodfellas

758 State St, New Haven, CT

(203) 785-8722

gourmet heaven

44 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT

(203) 776-0400

blue state coffee

84 Wall St, New Haven, CT

(203) 764-2632

prime 16

172 Temple St, New Haven, CT

(203) 782-1616

tweed new haven airport parking vs. airport Limo and Town Car Service

tweed new haven Airport parking

While you are planning your next trip, you have to think about more than the cost of the plane ticket, you also have to think about the cost of getting to the airport. Sure you could have a family member or friend to take you and pick you up. You could park your car at the airport, but you will still end up paying out of pocket, and you will have to deal with a long walk to the terminal, all the while carrying your luggage. The longer you are gone, the more that adds up. The best solution for your trip is to take an OneWayLimo airport car service. OneWayLimo airport car service is set up to cater only to the passengers going from their pick up location to the airport and back.  Therefore, OneWayLimo offers the most reasonable fares with our 30% discount off market prices.